Thursday, June 16, 2011

A List

I apologize for my lack of blogging this week as I’m experiencing the sudden onset of ‘Blog Block.’  Coupled with a generally uncomplicated and disaster-less week, I haven’t had much material or gumption with which to conjure up a good story.  I’ve also spent most of the last week complaining about the Spanish exam I’ll be “taking” tomorrow.  I know it’s difficult to picture me complaining about anythingggg butttt.....(I can hear my Mom in my head laughing out loud right now).   
You may remember that, this being the Intermediate Spanish course, and me being an extreme beginner Spanish speaker, I vowed to grab the quintessential Spanish bull by the horns and “rock” this class.  Turns out when you live on a beach, it’s very difficult to motivate yourself to move your limbs, much less exercise your mind.  And since I’ve been spending quite a lot of time lately on the sandy shores of the Mediterranean, my old habits of procrastination have been running the show here in regards to studying.  So far, I have logged exactly 4 minutes making a list of things I need to study.  So now you may be wondering what I have been doing all this time instead of hitting the books.  Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list:
25 Things I’ve Done Besides Study for My Exam Tomorrow
  1. Napped
  2. Laid in bed wishing I was napping
  3. Facebooked
  4. Swam in the pool
  5. Swam in the sea
  6. Laid in the sun
  7. Edited video footage
  8. Looked through alllll my old photos
  9. Watched the two part reunion special of The Real Housewives of Orange County (it was awesomeee)
  10. Watched 5 episodes of So You Think You Can Dance (also awesome)
  11. Facebooked
  12. Researched the cost of shipping boxes of stuff home
  13. Stressed about the cost of shipping boxes of stuff home
  14. Donated stuff to charity
  15. Clicked around the internet...all of it
  16. Went to the beach...a lot
  17. Ate chocolate...a lot
  18. Tried to think of more ways to use “...” in my writing...
  19. Danced around Alicante
  20. Planned summer barbecues
  21. Planned summer 5Ks to counteract the effects of said barbecues
  22. Skyped with whoever would possibly talk to me
  23. Facebooked
  24. Messed with Zipi’s emotions
  25. Wrote this blog post
Thanks for reading,


  1. Good luck on your test! I'm sure you'll be great (the teacher gives bonus points for mime, right?)

    I've been taking a 5k training at the Y, so if you don't mind a slow companion, I'd gladly join you in a race. I've been thinking about doing an adventure race like the Warrior.

  2. ahhh i need to catch up on so you think you can dance and watch the housewives reunion! i would'nt mind going to the beach, a lot, too.. or napping.. or facebooking... or anything on the list, other than shipping boxes!

  3. All those things are essential to getting your groove back! Good luck on your test whenever you are stuck just throw in an "adios myo!" (sp) :) :) :)