Sunday, June 5, 2011

F.O.L.C.A.: G.H., V. 1

As I am in between thrilling adventures of unparalleled peril and close encounters with the Spanish kind right now, I decided to throw together a little compilation of my friends’ and families’ greatest hits (and a little dash of my own quips from my journal mixed in for good measure). 
Explain? Ok.
As we are just over three weeks away from the end of this exciting, sunny, and oftentimes absolutely ridiculous adventure, I’m spending a lot more time thinking about what has transpired in the last months.  Luckily for me, I have a very large network of people alllll over the world who have not only been my support system, but have provided lots of thoughtful, heart-wrenching, philosophical, metaphysical, and hysterical quotes that I have personally enjoyed greatly during my time in Spain.  Little did all of you know that I have been closely monitoring our Facebook/email/snail mail conversations for humorous musings and tidbits of advice for me, the lonesome traveler (not really lonesome, but I thought it sounded dramatic) that would resonate with an even larger audience of faithful readers, family, and friends alike.  With two months of frequent communication under my belt, it’s impossible to include a little something from everyone here, especially when many of your comments are so wonderful, that I needed to keep them allllll to myself...
They’re my preciouses, and I shall call them my preciouses.

Ohh...K.  You get the point.
So I’m displaying here some of the great transmissions of the last months.  Except in cases where the identity of the writer (other than myself) is relevant to understanding each quote, I’ve disguised my unknowing blog participants with initials in the hopes that, in the event that I accidentally post something controversial, I’ll be able to use the excuse “But no one knows it was you!”
So, with that being said, let me present:
Friends of La Chica Americana: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
“Don’t eat too many churros...we warned you!” - J.D. & M.D. 

“This is your story of rediscovery and new discovery, and you are the only one that can write it.” - K.R. (aka M.R.)

“I’ve been here a month and a half and still have no idea what ‘asada’ is from the Taco Bell menu.” Excerpt from my journal, May 15th.
(Note: I have since found out...and by since, I mean today, that it means meat that is baked in an oven).
“Who knows what Spain has yet to teach you.  Be present there.” -T.F.
“Borja’s cat, Zipi, continues to dislike me.  24 lbs.  We weighed him at the vet last week.  He spends most of his day sleeping, throwing around a stuffed toy dog, and sitting outside my door and glaring at me while I write blogposts.  I call him ‘pantera.’” Excerpt from my journal, May 10th.
“As soon as you think your life is set there is usually something that will happen and, in return, flip your life upside down.  You have to roll with the punches like missing a key change in the middle of a piece when Trost [my high school band teacher] is giving you the eye in the middle of a concert.  You are in the prime of your life where doing is much more important than dwelling.” - E.O. (aka F.F.F.)

“I think Spain is making me: tanner, more social, a better dancer, more self-assured, more confident, better looking, more independent, happier, and even more hilarious (and obviousssllyyy humble, too).” Excerpt from my journal, May 28th.

“I began to see that none of us ever make it through this world without scars...but now I know that there are no good stories without messy parts.  Tales without complications are rarely retold.  Pain is one of grace’s greatest disguises, and how thankful I am for the transformation that always comes along with it.” - L.M-V. (quoting
“I think you are stumbling across a beautiful truth.” -I.K.
“I only speak English with Borja and sometimes his father, José Antonio.  With everyone else, I speak Spanish.  And by “speak,” I mean that through a series of incorrect pronouns, unconjugated verbs, hand motions, clicks & whistles, and smoke signals, I get my point across about 70% of the time.” Excerpt from my journal, May 4th.
“U will write again soon and be interesting.” Gagee, my grandmother

“With lachicaamericana, I’ve somehow tricked my family and friends into finding my life interesting enough to follow in a blog.  Small moments, events, I’ve turned into posts that they find interesting!” Excerpt from my journal, May 15th.
“I hope you had a great weekend and you are swept away by some hunk with large deltoids.  Are those the ones in your neck?  I don’t know.  A stud with a large neck.  No wait, that doesn’t sound right either.  A stud with fat shoulders.  Oh, crap, let’s go with a decent looking, moderately to not-so-hairy man who may or may not have a good personality.  As long as he doesn’t sweep you away forever.” - R.F.S.H.
“Keep dreaming, keep dancing, keep writing, keep smiling.  Keep both feet on the ground and remember:
“Only when we lose the world will we find ourselves,” Henry David Thoreau.” - M.R.G.
And finally, one of the best and most meaningful compliments I have received about lachicaamericana:
“Oddly enough, your blog makes me feel a little less homesick.” 
     - Senior Airman Justine Wolff, U.S. Air Force, from Bragman Army Base, Afghanistan
I’m so darn lucky to have all of you.
And all of YOU!!  Let me just quote one more excerpt from my journal (June 1):
“I literally have the most supportive friends and family in the entire world.  They make me feel so happy and so incredibly confident in myself as a writer, as a person, and in the choices I’ve made.”
So, you see, I really just wouldn’t be able to do this without all of you.  Whether I hear from you all the time, a few comments here and there, or I just hear through the grapevine that you’re reading along, it’s all supportive, and it’s all appreciated.  So, I’ll see you in three weeks, but until then, I’ll keep writing, and as always,
Thanks for reading,


  1. That is very nice. Really. Since you chose not to quote your parents, I'll think of something profound to say and add it here...... I know - the last thing we said to you before you got on the plane..."Have fun, be good, we love you."
    Mom and Dad

  2. Great job, Mom. You are so smart and wise. You are the dear sweet mother of my heart. Please don't wake me up with ice cold washclothes to the face when I'm home as revenge for not quoting you in this post. Love you!

  3. Not only are you an amazing writer, but you have some great writer friends. Very inspirational. I think I need to meet some of these people!

  4. We'll set up a date! And yes, they are very inspiring indeed.